The Master by Claire North


After the good taste that left me The Serpent and The Thief, I immediately started to read The Master, to see how Claire North closed her Gamehouse trilogy of novellas.

In this third installment we see the development of the final game, that for which main character Silver has been preparing for centuries. It is not by chance that the chosen game is chess, considered the most complete intellectual challenge in the West (of course there is also the game of go!).

The development of the novella, however, does not make good use of the strategies of the ancient game, as it is very similar to the second installment (The Thief), that is to say a game of hide and seek. Without being an expert, I like the reference to moves such as castling, but it is striking the huge number of “pieces” that both adversaries are able to put into play, clearly going over the 16 pieces per side. This is just an observation.

Except for this little detail, the rest of the work has all the good points that I’m beginning to appreciate in this author: the elaborate but comprehensible prose, the great characterization … Furthermore, this reading is benefiting from the fact that the ground has been so thoroughly prepared in advance, making the entire experience a pleasure. I would not be surprised if there were an omnibus version of the novellas to enjoy them all in a row.

In summar, The Master is a good climax to the The Gamehouse series.

Buy this book.


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