Making Wolf, by Tade Thompson

51ttMpwRdyL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_(review by Aliette de Bodard)

Weston Kogi comes back to Alcacia, the Yoruba-dominated nation he left during the civil war that tore it apart. He means only to attend the funeral of his aunt, and to leave soon afterwards–flash around his money, boast about his job in the Metropolitan Police in London, and generally have a good time. But his ex-school <s>buddy</s> bully Church, now a member of the People’s Liberation Army, has other ideas: Weston is the perfect person to investigate the murder of a local hero who was trying to mediate between two rebel armies. And that’d be fine, wouldn’t it, if Weston hadn’t told a teensy tiny lie about what himself–he’s merely a supermarket guard, not a homicide investigator. As violence begets more violence, Weston finds himself drawn deeper into the quagmire of Alcacia–and this isn’t a country kind to anyone, least of all to its inhabitants…
This is a suffocating, suspenseful thriller about one man inexorably caught in a spiral of violence. The tense atmosphere is heightened by the author’s eye for detail, which make even a simple marketplace scene come alive, and remarkably render the sense of a vise closing around Weston. Alcacia is a place rife with corruption, where everyone fights for their own existence–and where Weston, struggling to remain neutral, is an anomaly. In many ways, it’s a gradual descent into darkness–except that it soon becomes obvious that the innocent stand no chance in Alcacia, and that one cannot remain free of darkness to survive–and that corruption and darkness might well be the price of making a stand… It’s a terrific and riveting read that pulls no punches.

Highly recommended.

Buy this book.


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