The Thief by Claire North

thief_north(reviewed by Leticia Lara)

After the good impression I got reading The Serpent I did not hesitate a second to move to the second installment of Claire North’s Gamehouse series entitled The Thief. This time the stakes are years of life with memories, gambled in a game of hide and seek.

Although this game may seem trivial, it is not so for Remy, a Westerner who should do everything possible to hide in Thailand before the Second World War, with the difficulties that entails. His nemesis in this game has all the advantages in his hand, in what seems a rather lopsided confrontation.

This time the author tells a story of survival, a headlong rush that recalls Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. The story is based on small scenes, in chance encounters that Remy is having with many different characters, with people who will help him on the road or not, having to flee to stay in the game. These fleeting moments are also used to describe something of the culture of a fascinating country in a very turbulent period.

Although I also liked it, you can put objections to the novella and specially the end, which seems too obvious. It is not hasty, but it is somewhat anticlimactic. As a bonus, characters from the previous installment reappear, and it looks like we will definitely hear about them again.

However, the most interesting thing about the book are the clues that North is dropping, paving the way for the last installment of the series, which promises to be very interesting. Do not be surprised that I may soon review The Master here.

Buy this book.

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