Occupy Me by Tricia Sullivan

Occupy-Me-by-Tricia-Sullivan(reviewed by Aliette de Bodard)

Pearl is an angel, a being with wings that only exist in another dimension. She works for the Resistance–a mysterious organisation that promotes the spread of kindness among humans. As she returns from one of her missions, she recognises a passenger: he’s the man who stranded her here, away from her home. Dr. Sorle, meanwhile, has another problem: he has a passenger, one who regularly hijacks his body, and now, under the influence of that invisible rider, he’s stolen a briefcase that may or may not contain universes–and the soul of a dead man…

Occupy Me is a densely packed SF novel, brimming with ideas about past, future, the meaning of the self, and a cornucopia of universe nested like Russian dolls. That it manages to make all of this work while remaining rooted in its (mainly) 21st-Century setting is testament to Sullivan’s powerful writing. It’s not a book you pick for light reading, but if you’re ready to invest in something that will blow your mind and challenge your perceptions of the real, this is exactly the thing.

Buy this book. 

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