A Tyranny of Queens

51G+grH8CZL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg(reviewed by Aliette de Bodard) Following on from the events in AN ACCIDENT OF STARS, a kickass sequel that upends the worlds of Veksh/Kena and others and touches on abuse, resilience, and heroism. The ensemble cast is as strong as ever (and I still ❤ the social structure of Veksh) and delightfully diverse.
The portal fantasy I wish I’d had as a child (not least of which because of the scenes at school which struck a definite chord. Lita Michaels is the best. Oddly enough, it felt in conversation with Lewis’ VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER–because of the interplays between bullying, school and portal fantasy), but it’s definitely its own glorious thing.
Only nit I have is I thought the ending, while lovely, was a smidge abrupt in some respects (it needs a sequel, darn it!). I also wish we’d seen more of the dragons, who turned out key but felt a bit accessory to the cast.

Buy this book.


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